Android M - Marshmallow 6.0.x ROM for ASUS TF101 Transformer eeePad by XDA Timduru

Got no time right now, but here are the Links you need!

ASUS TF 101 Marshmallow ROM

Sorry for the loveless link-collection but I thought it might be better then nothig to everyone, who wants to keep his ASUS Transformer TF101 Tablet up to date with an Marshmallow 6.0.1 ROM by XDA legend Timduru.

Find a video of the installation process of the ASUS TF101 Marshmallow 6.0.1 ROM on YouTube here :

  1. Get the latest TWRP from sidneyK here:
  2. Get the latest Marshmallow Rom from Tim here:
  3. Get the latest MD5-Hash for the Rom here:
  4. Get the latest fitting SuperSu here:
  5. Get the latest fitting openGapps (pico) here:
  6. ( Get older versions and hashes from Tim here: )

The Installation instruction reads:

These builds are designed to be installed with a recent recovery. TWRP 2.8.1 is recommended: available here Older versions of TWRP like 2.3.x won't work.

  1. (Backup Everything before...)
  2. Install the Recovery
  3. Backup everything ! (before you start flashing the new ROM
  4. Go to recovery The first time you install: Format /data (full wipe doesn't format) (you can skip this step if you're already on the same main version of KatKiss, if ever you encounter a problem redo a full clean install and format /data and try again before reporting )
  5. Install the ROM
  6. Install SuperSU
  7. Install gApps
  8. Wipe cache/dalvik
  9. Reboot 

I strongly suggest to read the follwing URL (XDA thread) after you mastered the installation. It helps to to get some minor itches fixed, like stuttering videos on YouTube eG. Check it out: